Norways Alternative Princess Märtha Louise Welcomes Baby Girl

Princess Märtha Louise just gave birth to her third daughter at her and her husband Ari Behn’s home in Lommedalen.  The baby was named Emma Tallulah Behn and was born on the 29.  of September 2008, at 12:53 PM.  Emma Tallulah weighed 3700 gram and was 53 centimeters long at birth.  She is 7th in line for the throne of Norway.

This is the second time Princess Märtha Louise has a “home birth”; her second daughter Leah Isadora was born at their summerhouse.   Her first daughter Maud Angelica was born at the hospital like most Norwegian babies.

Most royal families have a lot of power, however Nooooorway’s royal family might have more power than others because they have a direct line to angels through Princess Märtha Louise who says ahe communicate with them.  The Princess is so kind that she wants to teach us regular folks how to do it as well.  Check out her new school Astarte if you want to know how you can start talking to angels as well.  It can come in really handy.  I personally ask them to sing lullaby’s for me when I go to sleep.


I have always been a big fan of Princess Märtha Louise.  She always seems so approachable and I absolutely adore her laughter.  However, I am not so sure about her angel-talking ways but I am trying to keep an open mind!!!  I bet they helped her with the labour though……..


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How Norwegians Greet Eachother

I just came across this humorous book about Norway called Grandiosaland, which means Grandiosa country.  Grandiosa is the national favorite frozen pizza.  According to Wikipedia every Norwegian eats around 5 Grandiosas every year.

The page “Greeting rituals” on the books website show how Norwegians greet each other in different places.  So very typical Norwegian.  Translation: (clockwise from top left corner) in the elevator, in the hallway, in the city, in the state of drunkenness, in the south (meaning anywhere with more sun than Norway) and in the mountains.

greeting rituals

The book looks really  funny but unfortunately it is only in Norwegian.

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Getting married in church

Looking at the picture above you might think that those two little girls are a little too young for those two guys…  Don’t worry, Norway does not allow child-brides nor grooms for that sake.  The two guys in the picture, Gard Realf Nielsen and Lasse Sandaker, actually married each other and the two cute girls were their flower girls.  Yeah, a gay wedding in a church….  And on top of that they were married by lesbian priest Siri Sunde.  Thumbs up for Norway allowing gay and lesbians to marry like everyone else.  Not everyone was thrilled about the two gay men being wed in church however.  From what I gather a couple of bishops and other figure heads in the Norwegian church must have choked on their morning coffee when they found out..

Read more here

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a Norwegian flying-squirrel-man

Look at this amazing youtube video by Hans Lange, a Norwegian base jumper who in August filmed himself crashing into the mountainside in Romsdalen.  More recently Hans Lange has become known for having used the words holy-shit on NBC’s Today show while being interviewed by Matt Lauer.  I am not sure what takes more bravery; jumping off a mountain or using a four letter word on American TV.

Check out the interview on the Today show clicking here

Read the article in Dagbladet here

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Lets talk about Norway -all day long

I always talk about my country Norway to anyone who will listen.  My husband (not from Norway) says that about every other sentence starts with -in Norway…..  I realize this can be a little tiring for those poor souls I usually surround myself with.  In order to relive my friends and my husband of this constant need for talking about Norway I have started this blog where I can write about Norway and Norwegians as much as I want.  I plan to inform, brag, make fun of and maybe criticize….  I will be very biased and in no way objective.  Hopefully those who read my blog will be entertained, learn something or become curious enough to go and make up their own minds.  Enjoy!

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